Sell us your old device.

The TRILLION TECH Trade-In Program. As EASY as 1-2-3!

We buy back a large range of smartphone devices and tablets at competitive rates, as long as the devices are unlocked, not blacklisted, and functional. If the device is too far gone, we can safely recycle it for you at no extra charge. We offer FREE SHIPPING and FAST Payments.


*We wipe all personal data from your device to Department of Defense standards so your security and privacy are ensured. **We do not purchase smart devices that are water-damaged, has a drained battery, does not boot to the main menu, is iCloud locked, or has "Find my Phone" active. ***Devices reported lost or stolen will be turned over to local law enforcement, and not returned to you. ****Devices with a missing LCD screen, digitizer, motherboard, or logic board may be safely recycled and no payment will be issued.